THERE is nothing NONCHALANT about love. IT DESERVES it's day in THE LIMELIGHT. I'M Luca and I ADORE LOVE.

my name is Luca ...

A Little About Me /

Let me take you back to the beginning. Ever since I was a child, I had a fascination with video cameras. My parents’ giant VHS camera is a vivid memory of mine. I would make the mundane extraordinary, or create amateur action films with friends. You didn’t find a Gameboy or new kicks on my birthday wishlist, I always asked for editing software and film equipment instead.

I loved being behind the lens — as a shy child it was a way to express myself and share my world. I’ve always leant on the side of perfection, but never let it overshadow creativity. During high school the hopeless romantic inside me started to shine. As I nurtured my craft, the optimism of rom-coms had me at hello. Even with their lighthearted nature, unbridled love and hope is why we keep coming back to them.

This combined with my love for storytelling led to creating short films about connection during my time at university. I also got my first taste of the industry as a wedding editor and realised that’s where my energy and film needed to go... and here we are.

Through the years working in this industry, I’ve built on my skill set and crafted a style that’s bootstrapped the decision to go out on my own. Two things set me apart — my essence and approach. I have unrelenting passion for love, and dedication to telling your personal story.

Every human being is unique in their own way and through the art of film making, this uniquness of each individual can be shown. I pride myself in making sure that every film I create is distinct and is like no other.

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"I am the flowers you burn on your cherry top, blooming taste buds, makes me go numb." 

Lia Marie Johnson